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Deep ancestral wisdom lives within you. Tap into your power with a midwife-supported homebirth.

If your pregnancy is healthy and low-risk, you have options.

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The RootsDifference

Uniquely nurturing and evidence-based care rooted in trust and collaboration.

Heart-centered work for all families. We are committed to making you feel comfortable and welcomed so you are prepared and confident at the threshold of motherhood.

We take our time during your appointments. Feel heard, not rushed. We ask you questions, and we listen to your answers. Partners and children are always welcome and included in your care.

Comprehensive prenatal care throughout your pregnancy, including routine testing and shared decision-making to establish healthy habits in nutrition, physical activity, mental health, and access to community resources.

Full continuity of care during labor and birth in your home, with the birth team you know. Home birth means control over how you labor, shared decision-making with your midwife, and immediate and uninterrupted bonding with your baby upon birth.

Multiple postpartum visits in the first 6 weeks postpartum, to help facilitate breastfeeding, your healing, and your family’s fourth trimester.

Midwifery care is personalized, compassionate, and hands-on care before, during and after birth. Through education, support, and shared decision-making, you will have the tools you need to feel confident as a new parent.

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Feel safe in the comfort of your own home


As little medical intervention as possible


Better outcomes for mother & baby


Higher rates of breastfeeding after 6 weeks


Build a relationship of trust with your midwife


Cheaper than a hospital birth

What type of care areyoulooking for?

Not sure yet? that’s ok! reach out and Together we can discuss what might be the right choice for you!

Comprehensivehome birthMidwifery Care

For a beautiful and empowering experience throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

Roots follows the standard prenatal care schedule, with additional visits added postpartum:

  • Once a month until 28 weeks
  • Bi-weekly between 28 weeks – 36 weeks
  • Weekly 36 weeks until birth
  • 2 visits in the first week postpartum
  • 2 visits between 4 – 6 weeks postpartum
  • Additional visits scheduled as needed

I offer visits to all clients throughout prenatal care and up to 6 weeks postpartum.

Roots Midwifery Boston - Hospital Midwifery Support

Not giving birth at home, but still wantmidwiferysupport?

SOMETIMES HOME BIRTH ISN’T AN OPTION. YOU still deserve the exceptional care THE midwifery model can provide.

what’s included:

  • Monthly Prenatal Midwifery Consultation Sessions
  • Childbirth Education
  • Prenatal Nutrition Class
  • Prenatal Lactation Class
  • Birth Planning Session
  • Access to Roots Midwifery community

Feel informed
& supported!


Reduce fear &
gain confidence


Join an incredible
support community!


Whether at laboring home or in a hospital our comprehensive labor & birth preparation classes, taught by an experienced OB nurse, Evidence-Based trained doula, or our midwife AND informed by real parents who’ve been there, prepare you for what you actually need to know and what others wish they had known. You’ll learn what it’s like to go into labor, the different ways the birth process can go, all the pain management tips available to you, and the physical and mental aspects of postpartum. 


Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging parts of having a new baby. Set yourself up for a successful breastfeeding journey with these classes, taught by a leading Certified Lactation Consultant, nurse, or midwife. Get a step-by-step walk-through of what to anticipate in the days after giving birth, lessons on how to establish and build your milk supply, tips for troubleshooting common challenges, and how-tos for pumping and storing breast milk.

Newborn Careclass

Master all of the must-know babycare skills from diaper changes, to nail trimming, bathing, holding and carrying, to calming techniques and more. Watch and refer back to step-by-step demos and “in the know” pro tips from a nurse, doula, and midwife who’s seen it all.

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Complete physical and emotional support after your birth, in your home.

You can flourish in your transition to parenthood with our postpartum wellness care package. 

Our postpartum caregivers are the support every new mother deserves: an expert in assisting you to heal, rest, and nourish your body, process your emotional experience of birth and new parenthood, and receive positive affirmations and encouragement. 

  • Physical and emotional support for your holistic healing & recovery 
  • Breast/bottle feeding troubleshooting & support 
  • Meal preparation 
  • Newborn care & sleep support 
  • Light housekeeping & errand running 
  • Belly-binding and babywearing expertise

This offering is open to all families in our Boston service area.

Package I: 10 or 20 hours during the day (3 hour shift minimum between 7am-7pm)
Packages II: 40 hours (8 hour overnight shift minimum)

Additional hours can be purchased with a 10 hour minimum

You havequestions,I have answers!

A midwife is a medical provider who cares for you and your baby during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. A doula, while still incredibly important, is not a medical provider and does not provide any medical services. A doula provides education, physical and emotional support prenatally, during your birth, and during the postpartum time. The doula’s focus is exclusively on your comfort and wellbeing during your birth and postpartum. While the one-on-one relationship with your midwife allows us to provide personalized, continuous clinical care during your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. The midwife’s primary responsibility is the safety and health of you and your baby.

Being at home provides a sense of familiarity and comfort you won’t achieve in a hospital setting. All decisions about your care are made together with you, in detailed discussions of your needs, desires, your individual health, and the evidence regarding the options available to you. There is an emphasis on education, nutrition, evidence-based research, and informed decision making throughout your pregnancy.

The trust and relationship we build are meant to ensure a safe experience reducing trauma, interventions, birth injury, and cesarean births. When necessary, I do collaborate with providers from both the medical and holistic models of care to develop a plan which most effectively meets the individual situation.

Yes! Homebirth has been shown to be a safe option for healthy women and healthy babies whose normal pregnancies are full-term (37 weeks) at the start of labor, and who are monitored and attended by trained midwives. Studies continue to consistently affirm that planned midwife-attended home birth is as safe or safer than hospital birth. We believe in and practice with evidence-based guidelines & protocols in addition to the Midwifery Model of Care.

Great question! Midwives are trained professionals who are experts in normal pregnancy. We have training and experience in identifying and managing certain complications at home. We recognize when those complications would mean a hospital birth is advisable and transfer care in those circumstances. Transfers occur about 12% of the time and are usually non-emergent. Typical reasons are maternal exhaustion, prolonged labor, and pain relief.  When a circumstance arises requiring transport we have an informed discussion on what is happening and why it’s advisable to transfer. Most of these transfers still result in a vaginal birth even in the hospital. As part of my scope of practice, I carry emergency medications, equipment and hold a current certification in CPR and in neonatal resuscitation.


Currently, in Massachusetts having a home birth is an out-of-pocket expense not covered by insurance. Fees for midwifery care are paid upfront by the client by 36 weeks gestation. Realizing this may be a burden for some, payment plans are available.

Surprisingly, home births are not as messy as people believe! We aim to leave the house as clean as it was when we arrived. During your prenatal care, I will provide you with a link to a website where you’ll order a “birth kit” which includes all the disposable supplies for your birth. Many of these supplies are meant to keep your house clean during or after the birth. While you’re having family bonding time with your new baby, we quietly tidy up.

Your health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic is my priority. Taking guidance from the CDC, WHO and other trusted sources for healthcare best practices we’ve implemented protocols that require stringent disinfectant precautions, social distancing, and telehealth visits when appropriate. We remain open and are accepting clients during this uncertain and challenging time.

My goal has remained the same: to offer you the safe, holistic prenatal, home birth and postpartum care you deserve.

youdeserve this type of care, lets talk!

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Check-ups, paps, and more with Roots Midwifery well-woman care

Did you know Roots can provide ongoing gynecological care beyond pregnancy and birth? Yes! You don’t have to dread your next pap test. Feel calm and comfortable with our well-woman care options. We support you through all seasons of life, whether you’re looking for contraception or to grow your family, from menstruation through menopause. Let’s talk!

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