Meet the Midwife

At Roots Midwifery, our goal is to provide unwavering support to women as they navigate one of the most powerful and vulnerable times in their lives—becoming mothers.

We offer a full spectrum of care, guiding our clients through every stage of their journey, from pre-pregnancy to postpartum. Our approach is holistic, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the women in our community. We firmly believe in the innate power and wisdom of the female body. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe space that welcomes and supports families of all types and configurations.

Stephanie Johnson sitting in chair, legs crossed


  • Graduate of Birthwise Midwifery School
  • NRP and CPR Certified
  • Bachelor of Arts in Community Health and Wellness, Curry College
  • Associates of Arts in Social Science, Roxbury Community College
  • Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Full Circle Doula Training

Stephanie Johnson, DEM, BA, CLC, CBE

Owner + CEO + Midwife at Roots Midwifery

In her teens, Stephanie loved everything birth, babies and motherhood. Being a midwife or pediatrician would be her career path depending on the day you asked. The pull into birth work was strong but it wasn't until years later did she understand why.

You see, midwifery wasn't a path she consciously chose – it felt like a calling. Surprisingly, Stephanie discovered years into her birthworker career that unbeknownst to her her paternal grandmother, who had passed away before Stephanie was born, was a Grand midwife in the North Carolina. She humorously blames her dad for overlooking this significant connection but it also explained why there was immense desire to do this work. This heritage is what inspired the name Roots Midwifery.

Stephanie ventured into the birth world after her own disappointing birth experiences by serving as a birth sister (doula) at a local hospital and then her own doula practice. Over time, she expanded her knowledge by obtaining certification as a lactation consultant and a childbirth educator, dedicating six years to supporting families in these roles. The passion for helping parents make well-informed choices for improved birth outcomes and reduced intervention risks became her mission.

Although she ignored the inner calling to pursue midwifery for years, she eventually made the decision to attend midwifery school, driven by her passion and sense of destiny. Once she committed to this path, numerous opportunities presented themselves, enabling her to achieve her goal. With the guidance, encouragement, and support of the community and mentors, Stephanie fulfilled her dream of completing her midwifery education.

Raised in Dorchester, MA, Stephanie continues to reside in the area. In her leisure moments, she finds solace in reading, traveling, basking on beaches, and cherishing quality time with her two daughters, family and friends.