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9 Creative Ways to Afford a Midwife or a Doula

A Tale of Two Investments: Wedding vs. Birth

“It’s just one day.”

When planning our weddings, we don’t think twice about spending thousands. The average U.S. wedding, including the ceremony and reception, cost $30,000 last year, according to The Knot. We happily invest in making that “one day” perfect…that’s a pricey party! Let’s not talk about today’s themed baby showers and gender reveals…I see y’all on Instagram and TikTok. When it comes to giving birth and embarking on the incredible journey of parenthood, we often hesitate on paying for services that will benefit us in the long term. Many question the value of investing in a midwife or doula to support them through this life-changing transition. 

“Well, I’m here to tell you it’s worth every penny!”

It’s not because we want your business…we do…we’re telling you because we see it firsthand over and again with the families we serve. It’s a common theme “we wish we knew sooner.” Or “how come no one told me it would be this hard without extra help.” And the classic “if we had the money, we absolutely would’ve hired someone.” Our society emphasizes the pregnancy experience but puts very little effort on the birth and postpartum experience. Did you know 1 in 3 women will have a traumatic birth experience? That’s a significant statistic. Making the investment into better care both in pregnancy and after is a value that’s priceless.

“So how can you afford hiring a midwife or a doula?”

Here’s Some Creative and Not So Creative Ways to Afford a Midwife or Doula

Baby Registry Upgrade

Your baby registry doesn’t have to be filled with endless onesies and gadgets…most will be returned or never used, sorry to tell you. Consider adding your home birth midwife and/or doula services to your baby registry or wish list. Instead of more baby gear, ask friends and family to contribute to a fund that covers these services. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Budget-Friendly Payment Plans

We understand that cost can be a concern. Many midwives and doulas are open to creating customized payment plans or financing options to fit your budget. They genuinely want you to have the support you need. Remember they’re offering you a valuable service, they should get paid.

A Gift from Loved Ones

You’d be surprised how many people want to support you in having a positive birth experience. Often just sharing your intentions for a home birth or doula support is the catalyst for giving. Reach out to family or friends and ask them to donate towards your midwife or doula fund. Every little bit helps and brings you closer to your goal.

Health Insurance Benefits

Explore your health insurance options. Some policies offer flexible spending accounts or health savings accounts that can be used to cover midwife or doula services. Some insurances now cover doula services. It’s worth investigating your benefit coverage to see if they qualify. Many insurances do not provide coverage for home birth midwives but it’s always worth asking.

Customized Packages

Many doulas can tailor their services to provide support that fits your unique needs and budget. You may find a package that offers prenatal and birth support without in-person attendance, making it a more affordable option.

Tax Return Savings

Tax season is always ripe for paying off some extra expenses. Consider putting a portion of your tax refund towards your midwife or doula fund when it arrives. This extra financial boost can make the investment more manageable, ensuring you get the support you need.

Small Lifestyle Changes

Reevaluate your daily expenses and look for areas where you can cut back. Do you really need that $10 Starbucks caramel macchiato…every day? Sometimes, seemingly minor savings can accumulate to cover the cost of the midwife or doula services. Every dollar saved gets you closer to your goal.

Bonus Tip: A Baby Fund Savings Account

If you’re reading this and not yet pregnant or parenting consider creating a baby fund savings account now…before you’re pregnant. Far too often we don’t plan ahead and our wishes go to the waist side due to being un-prepared for the many unexpected expenses. In addition to pre-pregnancy health and wellness, exploring your options for midwifery care and postpartum support and then investing in them freely can be empowering. 

Bonus Bonus Tip: Equity Grants

If family, friends or saving isn’t an option, explore businesses that provide grants which can contribute to either a doula or in some cases midwifery care. Check out Be Her Village and Black Birth Equity Fund by Dove to name a few. There be others specific to your area ask around. Some midwives may also have a donation fund set up within their businesses that provides limited funding to qualifying families.

Last Bonus Tip: Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding platforms and gift certificates. Don’t forget to explore these options as well. Some doulas and midwives offer gift certificates which family or friends can purchase as part of your birth registry or give to you directly. Though untraditional there have been a few examples of parents creating a GoFund Me (or similar platform) campaign to fund their midwifery care and/or doula support. As we know it only takes a compelling story to get the right attention and donations. If you have a large following, a story to tell or just want to see what happens, give it try. 

Invest in Your Birth Experience

Your birth experience is a significant moment in your life, and the support you receive during this journey can have a profound impact on your mental and physical well-being. While budget concerns are valid, there are various creative ways to make home birth midwifery or doula support accessible to you. Remember, you don’t get a second chance at your birth experience, so ensure you have the care and support you need for an extraordinary entry into parenthood.

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