Exceptional Midwifery Care you Deserve.


Exceptional Midwifery Care you Deserve.

Welcome to Roots Midwifery – Where your unique pregnancy and birth story begins!

Ready for a change in your care? You’re in the right place! At Roots Midwifery, we believe that every pregnancy and birth journey is as unique as you are. Our personalized, culture focused client-centered care places you at the heart of your pregnancy and birthing experience, ensuring you have all the tools and support needed to make informed choices and to experience this transformative journey confidently.

Have you been struggling to find care that puts you at the center?

Our approach is holistic prenatal and postpartum care that is more than just clinical expertise. When you enter into our care, we focus on nurturing the WHOLE you, body, mind, and spirit throughout your pregnancy and birthing journey. There’s a sense of comfort, encouragement, and strength that goes beyond what most receive in prenatal and postpartum care.

We honor the traditions and culture you bring to this space without judgement. Instead, we embrace them because we know how important these are to you.

We know birthing your way is at the forefront of your mind.

You’re seeking the intimacy and beauty of birth without all the interruptions and interventions. As your trusted partner, we specialize in creating a serene, home-based environment where your birthing experience unfolds just as you’ve envisioned. It’s a journey where you’re surrounded by the familiarity of your home, enveloped in comfort, and supported by caring providers who know your needs well.

Rest easy knowing you have a birth team who is well-versed in providing safe, expert home birth midwifery care to guide you through this transformative process with confidence.

Homebirth not for you? Don’t worry we have options!

If home birth isn’t your preference, we can still help you achieve the birth outcome you seek. Join us in our Midwifery Group Care. Here we offer the same holistic care and support you crave but is often absent in hospital settings.

This unique blend of expert midwifery care and childbirth education focuses on healthy habits for optimal outcomes, equips you to confidently navigate a hospital birth, empowers you to advocate through informed consent, and guides you in crafting a personalized birth and postpartum plan. It’s a way to build community with other pregnant women who share the same questions, concerns as you in a safe welcoming space.

Your experience after giving birth matters! Here’s how we help.

After your birth, we offer in-home personalized postpartum care and support for the ultimate convenience and comfort for new parents.

Having a new baby is huge transition that requires lots of personalize attention and support. The highs and lows of the first weeks don’t have to be done alone. This ensures you can recover, bond with your newborn, and navigate the early stages of parenthood in the familiar setting of your home.

With our care, you will have peace of mind, convenience, and expert guidance at your doorstep, so you, your little one, and partner are well supported during the delicate post-birth period.

Kind words from past clients.

Alexis Commodore
December 7, 2023

I cannot speak highly enough of my experience with Stephanie. Each appointment she took the time to check in with me and get to know and my situation. By the time I gave birth, I felt totally comfortable with her which I feel is pretty crucial to a positive birth experience. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone thinking of having a home birth. I was lucky to have her at mine.

Kennysha Wrencher
November 29, 2023

Stephanie is absolutely amazing! My dream was to have a home water birth as we expanded our family, and Stephanie made that dream a beautiful reality. After my first hospital birth, I knew a home birth was right for me. Hearing wonderful stories about Stephanie from women in our community, I knew she was the midwife I could relate to, especially as a woman of color facing unique challenges in pregnancy. Stephanie became everything I needed after losing my mother in 2020. Throughout our prenatal appointments, Stephanie never rushed and always created a safe space for me to share. She listened, understood, and offered unwavering support. In the absence of my mother, Stephanie filled that void with compassion and guidance. She not only helped me plan for life after birth but also connected seamlessly with my oldest child and husband. Stephanie went above and beyond, being available to answer questions and assist my family, making the entire journey extraordinary. Roots Midwifery LLC exceeded my expectations, and as I transition into fertility work, I'm certain that when I return to birth advocacy, Stephanie will be at the top of my list. She's not just a midwife; she's an inspiration, a pillar of support, and someone I wholeheartedly trust. Choosing Stephanie was one of the best decisions for our family's journey, and I can't recommend her and Roots Midwifery LLC enough!

Laury Mateo
November 28, 2023

I could not have asked for a better birth experience and it was only possible because I found roots midwifery along the journey. I was 22 weeks pregnant when I decided to take control of my birthing options and I realized having a traditional hospital birth was not my only choice. After days of endless research I found roots midwifery but it mostly feels like they found me. Through the website I was able to sense a level of support and care I knew I would receive throughout the rest of my pregnancy. I now know I chose the right community. As a first time & single mom, my team was already very limited and having Stephanie and Janelle be apart of it was one of the best decisions! With their help and guidance I was able to have a successful home birth. I also got so much support throughout my postpartum journey with my healing process & breastfeeding. Stephanie and Janelle were always available for any type of question or concerns I had and as a first time mom everything was new, so it was super comforting to know that I had them a text or phone call away! Overall, I have so much gratitude towards Roots for making the birth of my daughter an experience filled with so much peace and love. If you choose Roots, know that you are in safe and caring hands.

Heidi Castro
May 10, 2023

Stephanie is an amazing midwife! As a first time mom and with no family members in Boston I felt extremely supported by Stephanie through my pregnancy and after I gave birth. She was extremely understanding with my decisions, answered all my questions, and prepared me for delivery. I had a small team which included Stephanie, Stephanie’s assistant Janelle ( amazing doula and soon to be midwife too 🙂 ), my partner, and close friend. With my small support team I had a pleasant and joyful experience bringing my daughter to this world at the comfort of my home. I felt empowered and cared for during delivery. If you are looking for a calm, gentle, compassionate midwife, then Stephanie is the person for you!

Ready to embark on a journey of choice and extraordinary care?