Growing your family?

Discover why a culture-centered homebirth with Roots Midwifery is right for you!

Growing your family?

Discover why a culture-centered homebirth with Roots Midwifery is right for you!

The Roots Perspective

The Roots Perspective is inspired by a rich history and culture. Believing in the great wisdom of our ancestors that held pregnancy and childbirth as a sacred event, Roots Midwifery uses the “It Takes a Village” concept to nurture families during this time of growth and great transition. We support and nurture you like a village and we now offer this wisdom and midwifery care to expectant families in the greater Boston and surrounding areas.  

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Discover midwifery care

Don’t just hope for an amazing birth experience - prepare for one!

Midwifery care is uniquely nurturing, hands-on care before, during and after birth. Through education, support, and shared decision making, you will have the tools you need to feel confident at the threshold of becoming parents.

At Roots Midwifery we take our time, we ask questions, we listen. Our homebirth midwifery care is evidence-based, collaborative, and rooted in trust, creating authentic relationships.

We understand the excitement + concerns families face through pregnancy, preparation for birth, and baby’s 1st weeks, that’s why we meet you where you are in your journey giving us the opportunity to tailor services to meet your needs.

Having a provider who desires to see you thrive before, during, and after birth matters!

As a community homebirth midwife, I am rooted in, involved in, and a member of the community I serve. I believe in welcoming and celebrating all people and meeting them where they’re at. I believe that cultural differences and lived experiences are assets to one’s identity, existence, and health, and those aspects of your life should be understood and celebrated by your midwife.

It is important to me to hold space for my families, to be who they are, truly and authentically, and to provide individualized midwifery care to every single family I work with.

Stephanie Johnson

Midwife & Owner of Roots Midwifery

Stephanie Johnson Boston Midwife

Nurturing the whole family as they grow into new roles…

Yep we do that!

Why choose a homebirth:

Feel safe in the comfort of your own home
As little medical intervention as possible
Better outcomes for mother & baby
Higher rates of breastfeeding after 6 weeks
Build a relationship of trust with your midwife
Cheaper than a hospital birth

"So many people doubted that I could do this at home. Stephanie my midwife made sure I would have the experience I wanted. My family still can’t believe I birthed at home, safely. If you can do it, I recommend you do!"


"Our home birth was amazing! Her family-centered approach to midwifery incorporated my mom, husband & kids throughout the process. Her midwifery techniques helped my labor progress naturally. There is nothing better than feeling loved and fully supported while giving birth."


"...I would reach out to her at all times of the day and night with questions and she never made me feel like a bother and always responded promptly. My first child is definitely not my last and we WILL absolutely be working with Stephanie again."